Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.

Get wastewater to your treatment plants without hassle

Detect sewage pump blockages automatically to reduce pollution incidents. Reduce your check-see visits to sites with remote condition monitoring.

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Automated pump blockage detection

Reduce pollution events caused by pump blockages

Easily detect blockages and provide your operators with exact instructions on when and where in your pumps the blockages are present.

wet wipes stuck in sewer system
Samotics hardware inside the motor control cabinet
SAM4 sensors safely installed in the motor control cabinet.

Monitor from motor control cabinet

Monitor assets in submerged areas

Easily install the sensors inside the motor control cabinet to safely monitor submerged equipment. Monitor all your critical assets in every part of the process from wastewater pumping and clarifiers to sedimentation and aeration.

Reduce physical site visits

Reduce the number of check-see visits

Significantly reduce the load on your workforce and cut costs of site trips through centralized condition monitoring of all your assets in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Pump inspection by maintenance engineer
wastewater pumping station

Sewage pumping station monitoring

Use condition monitoring to better understand your sewage network

Prevent environmental harm and reduce spill frequency through reduced failures at sewage pumping stations and wastewater sites.

Product features

Real-time condition monitoring software
for wastewater companies

Detect sewage pump blockages

Benefit from automated remote blockage detection

SAM4 can identify not only beginning degradation, but also the component that’s degrading. SAM4’s clogging model integrates all the incoming information to determine when a clog is present and where.

Energy performance optimization

Improve pump operation with real-time performance data

Use SAM4’s real-time pump curve to correct a pump that’s operating outside of its best efficiency point to prevent days or weeks of silent cavitation, recirculation, seal leakage and other problems. Use historical data to permanently raise performance and energy efficiency.

Reduce energy waste by 10-15%

Cut machine energy waste and emissions

SAM4 includes full power quality and energy analysis for every asset type without the need for additional sensors. SAM4 electrical trends help you permanently reduce your energy consumption.

Concrete advice to improve

Get insight updates from our support team

Get ongoing personal attention by our team of industry experts, data scientists and maintenance consultants with insight reports. You’ll also receive regular insight reports from our support team to help you make the most of all our features.

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Real-time AI-powered condition monitoring

Prevent unexpected costs with continuous drivetrain insights

SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how SAM4 can help secure your most valuable assets by preventing unexpected machine failure and reducing machine energy waste.