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Monitoring electric submersible pumps

Reduce deferred production from ESP operated wells

Monitor your full ESP drivetrain health from the surface motor control cabinet.

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ESP failure is a leading cause of deferred production in ESP operated wells

The average electric submersible pump (ESP) runs to failure in just 2-3 years, due to harsh operating conditions. Failure is often unexpected, making it difficult to replace the ESP in a short time frame. What’s more, efforts to prolong ESP run life often center around data from downhole sensors, which can fail themselves due to the harsh conditions down the well.

Problem 1:

Non-productive time ranges 16 days to 7 months awaiting ESP replacement

Problem 2:

Downhole sensors often fail even before the ESP does, leaving operators blind

Electric submersible pumps mostly fail due to electrical failures

The below chart gives insight into the percentage split of electric submersible pump failure modes based on average results of a statistical analysis of 971 ESP failures over 5 years across 10 wells (source 1, source 2).

Percentage split of different electric submersible pump failures

The largest part of all ESP failures is caused by electrical failure

..this is where Samotics excels

Samotics’ Electrical Signature Analysis technology is in the best position to detect electrical failures. Our sensors continue to function after a downhole sensor breaks down, because you install the sensors safely inside the surface motor control cabinet.

Electrical failure modes
Detection lead time
Detectable by Samotics
Detectable by downhole sensor
Detectable by Ammeter chart
Power fail
Real time on indicators, failure in hours to days.
Under- and over voltage
Real time on indicators, failure in hours to days.
Phase unbalance
Real time on indicators, failure in hours to days.
Real time on indicators, failure in hours to days.
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Decrease deferred production time through advanced warnings and run life extending insights

What if you could see ESP failure coming days to weeks in advance? That would allow mobilizing a workover rig, getting replacement parts and scheduling a crew even before failure happens. For typical oil field operations, this saves days to weeks of deferred production.

At the same time, having a reliable source of ESP operational insights allows operators to adjust their operating settings to extend ESP runlife.

Plug-and-play condition monitoring sensor

Install inside the surface motor control cabinet

Safely install the condition monitoring sensor inside the surface motor control cabinet to monitor the most important parts of the drivetrain at hard-to-reach places.

SAM4 inside motor control cabinet

Failure prediction

Proactively plan for ESP replacement through predictive alerts of upcoming failures

Leverage AI models that accurately predicted upcoming asset failure on thousands of assets.

Exception-based alerts

Full-service and actionable alerts when you need them

Trained AI models and experienced engineers notify you which ESP will fail and what is causing it.

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Power cable failures

Power cable failures account for 2% of ESP downtime

2 failures out of a 100 is still 2. Don’t let unexpected failures of power cables be a cause for revenue loss due to oil production delays

Real-time ESP data

Get full visibility before and after your downhole sensors fail

Have your maintenance team get real-time alerts about an upcoming fault, the type of fault, and recommended next actions depending on the urgency of the fault.

Real-time condition monitoring

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SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how SAM4 can help secure your most valuable assets by knowing in advance when your ESP is unhealthy.