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Condition monitoring system

Prevent machine failures
before they happen with SAM4

SAM4 Health is an AI-powered real-time condition monitoring system with predictive alerts to know in advance when a machine is unhealthy.

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Unexpected equipment failure

Failing AC motors and rotating equipment is costing you time and money

Unplanned downtime as a result of failing AC motors and rotating equipment is hugely expensive. Planning maintenance before something breaks lets you avoid costs of delays, increased overtime expenses and more importantly prevent safety issues for your maintenance colleagues.

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The solution

Monitor the important parts of the drivetrain in real time from the safety of the motor control cabinet

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With SAM4
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Start monitoring the condition of assets that are:

How it works

Plug-and-play condition monitoring sensor

Install inside the motor control cabinet

Safely install the condition monitoring sensor inside the motor control cabinet to monitor the most important parts of the drivetrain at hard-to-reach places.

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Truly remote online monitoring

Monitor your machines wherever they are

Easily monitor assets in submerged areas, ATEX zones or hazardous locations for which no alternative solutions exist.

Unmatched range of fault detection types

Get clarity across
the transmission path with electrical signature analysis

Detect mechanical and electrical failures across the full transmission path.

Electric grid
Power quality
Current PQ, harmonic distortion, voltage unbalance.
Motor side
Current PQ, harmonic distortion, voltage unbalance.
Electric machine
Eccentricity, damaged rotor bar.

Turn-to-turn short circuit, winding looseness.

Cage/raceway deformation.
Pulley unbalance (dirt, eccentricity).

Chain wheel unbalance (eccentricity).

Cardan shaft
Excessive clearance (e.g., screw, cross-link).

Coupling eccentricity, unbalance.

Broken/cracked gear teeth.
SAM4 Health achieves excellent performance for key assets such as pumps, fans, conveyors, rolls (or presses), and mixers.

Predictive analytics for maintenance

Do maintenance before failure happens

Have your maintenance team get alerts about an upcoming fault, the type of fault, and recommended next actions depending on the urgency of the fault.

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Predictive alerts

Get peace of mind with predictive alerts

Maintenance can be as simple as following a traffic light telling you when to take action.

Asset status
Status details
Actions triggered
Green means the asset is operating as usual.
No anomalies detected and no significant operational changes.
No action.
Yellow means the diagnosed fault was not confirmed during an initial maintenance activity.
Anomaly has not been confirmed or has not been resolved after a maintenance action.
Email of traffic light change.
Orange means a diagnosed fault has been detected that requires action.
A fault has been detected that will lead to asset failure; it is recommended to take the approriate action to prevent failure.
• Email with advice to take the appropriate action to prevent failure.
• Update email shared when relevant.
Red means the diagnosed fault has reached a severity that requires immediate action.
Asset integrity is at risk, if left unattended functional failure will occur.
• Email with advice to replace asset.
• Phone call.

Condition-based maintenance

With SAM4 you plan maintenance, but only when it's needed

For every team

How SAM4 Health can help

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For operations specialists

SAM4 predicts over 90% of upcoming failures weeks to months before they happen, so your maintenance staff can service machines during scheduled downtime windows before they affect production.

SAM4’s accuracy means your machines only require attention when a fault has been detected. You can cut down on redundancy, routine inspections and time-based maintenance, which lowers the cost of labor and safety stock.

SAM4 catches degrading machines early enough to fix them before they can endanger employees or the environment.

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For maintenance engineers

SAM4 detects over 90 percent of developing faults up to five months before failure, enabling maintenance teams to cut down on routine inspections and time-based maintenance. Every SAM4 alert includes both a description of the detected fault and recommended actions, so you can plan and conduct your work efficiently.

SAM4 provides features such as a real-time pump performance dashboard that can help you steer pump operation in real time, as well as provide longer-term insights into the pump’s performance and energy use. Regular insight reports help you get the most out of SAM4’s data analysis.

Our online phone-and-tablet-optimized installation tutorial provides clear instructions your team can use to install each sensor in the motor control cabinet within 30 minutes.

SAM4’s sensors don’t need batteries, and since they install in the MCC, not on the machine, SAM4 can reliably monitor equipment that’s underground, underwater, remote, or exposed to chemicals, heat and other harsh conditions. 

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For innovation leaders

SAM4 uses AI-based electrical signature analysis, which expands the range of assets that can be monitored and the faults that can be detected.

  • SAM4 directly captures electromagnetic changes, for the earliest and broadest detection of electrical faults.
  • The use of both current and voltage data enables accurate fault detection throughout the drive train.
  • SAM4 can reliably monitor machines where sensors cannot be permanently installed.

In addition, SAM4’s use of current and voltage directly enables energy and performance insights that go beyond fault detection.

SAM4 provides triple-digit annual ROI and a payback period ranging from two to fourteen months, depending on the industry and scope of the project.

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Prevent unexpected machine failure with continuous drivetrain insights

SAM4 Health

Detect over 9 out of 10 failures.
Weeks to months in advance.

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