Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.


Run your baggage handling systems without uncertainty

Prevent unexpected breakdowns of your most critical baggage handling equipment with improved reliability and availability.

Trusted by global industry leaders

Predictive failure detection

Detect issues weeks to months before failure

Detect mechanical & electrical issues with your baggage handling systems weeks to months before failure.

Baggage handling conveyor belt
Baggage handling conveyor belt dynamic


Preserve a seamless travel experience

Get early detections to help you fix issues at your convenience without interruption to the system and your passengers.

Install in motor control cabinet

Deploy at scale at minimal cost

Minimize time for installation without any major infrastructure changes, all while fitting your operational procedures.

Samotics hardware inside the motor control cabinet
SAM4 sensors safely installed in the motor control cabinet.

Product features

Real-time condition monitoring software
for airports

Asset health status

Focus on the assets that need attention

Quickly tell if assets need attention with a traffic light that represents the asset’s condition in real-time.

AI-powered predictive alerts

Get alerts to know in advance when a failure develops

Get alerts on specific upcoming failures weeks to months in advance. These are categorized by type of fault and come with concrete next actions based on level of urgency.

Reduce energy waste by 10-15%

Cut machine energy waste and emissions

SAM4 includes full power quality and energy analysis for every asset type without the need for additional sensors. SAM4 electrical trends to help you permanently reduce your energy consumption.

Concrete advice to improve

Get insight updates from our support team

Get ongoing personal attention by our team of industry experts, data scientists and maintenance consultants with insight reports. You’ll also receive regular insight reports from our support team to help you make the most of all our features.

Industry experts conferring at desk

Example setup

What a typical setup looks like

Process improvement

Significantly improve your maintenance operation

Do maintenance when its needed before unexpected failure happens, all without negative impact to passengers.

SAM4 Health condition monitoring airport process illustration

Real-time AI-powered condition monitoring

Stop unexpected baggage handling failure with continuous drivetrain insights

SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how SAM4 can help secure your most valuable assets by preventing unexpected machine failure.

Schiphol case study

How we help the world's fifth busiest international airport