Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.

Industrial energy management system

Reduce your electricity bill with SAM4 Energy

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Energy performance optimization

Improve pump operation with real-time performance data

Use a real-time pump curve to correct a pump that’s operating outside of its best efficiency point.

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Energy saving benchmarks

Compare your asset's performance against industry best practices

Benchmark your machines’ energy efficiency versus similar applications in the same industry.

24/7 monitoring

Get real-time insights into where to save energy

Unlock valuable insights into your energy savings potential.

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Concrete saving recommendations

Get actionable advice to reduce energy waste

Get concrete recommendations from our team of experts on how to realize the biggest savings opportunities.

Validate the benefits

Prove your success

Validate, track and report on the benefits in MWh, euro’s or CO2eq.

Go net zero

Lower your energy bill and emissions at the same time

Make going net zero a breeze by letting SAM4 Energy tell you exactly where your energy losses happen and what you can do to fix this.

Acquiring data

Choose how you provide data

Use your existing machine data​

Send us an export of your own data

Let our advanced algorithms reveal energy waste reduction opportunities from data you already have.

Use our sensors to get machine data

Install SAM4 in the motor control cabinet

Get 24/7 real-time insights provided by our world-leading analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence.


Let AI do the heavy lifting for you

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Reduce energy waste with little to no extra investments

By prioritizing our cost-effective advice, energy savings can be achieved with little or no additional investment. This approach enables for quick time to value.

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Audit energy usage without going into the field

Get continuous energy audits using electrical data and remove the need to access your assets in the field, or the need for cumbersome installation.

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Easily get the status on any connected asset

Our energy efficiency platform provides a visually interactive reporting tool to query the performance of any connected asset(s) on a variety of different performance metrics.


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SAM4 Energy

Lower your energy bill.
Cut CO2 emissions.

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