Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.


Condition monitoring system

Stop unexpected machine failure and energy waste

Run your machines the way they should be running with real-time data on the status of the most important parts of the drivetrain.

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Detect over 9 out of 10 failures.
Weeks to months in advance.

Lower your energy bill.
Cut CO2 emissions.

Use cases

For industrial companies trying to run their machines how they should be running

Stop unplanned downtime

You have no info about what’s happening with your machine in between maintenance moments. Also maintenance does not expose all drivetrain problems. It’s time to regain control and ensure continuous productivity by letting your machines run like they should be running. 

Prevent unexpected machine failure and secure your most valuable assets by using real-time machine health alerts and performance insights to stop unplanned downtime

Reduce energy waste

You may be over energy budget or your bills increase and you don’t know what to do about it. With SAM4 Energy you unlock insight into where energy saving opportunities are and what actions you can take to implement this.

Prevent pollution

Get wastewater to your treatment plants without hassle. Our innovative clogging detection technology in wastewater management swiftly identifies blockages as they form, preventing wastewater backups and overflows.

Get early warnings for potential electrical and mechanical issues and proactive insights into pump performance, enabling you to address operational conditions that may jeopardize pump longevity.


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Reduce pollution events by detecting clogging.

Clean Water

Monitor submerged borehole pumps by installing in the motor control cabinet.



Reduce airport delays by preventing faults up to 5 months in advance.


Easily prevent faults in harsh environments by installing in the motor control cabinet.

24/7 monitoring

Start by knowing the status of your machines. In real-time.

Through machine learning and electrical signature analysis, SAM4 offers superior fault detection accuracy: over 90% of failures—both mechanical and electrical—up to 5 months in advance. SAM4’s sensors install inside the motor control cabinet, not on the asset in the field, making hazards and location no barrier to reliable asset monitoring.

Predictive maintenance

With SAM4 you plan maintenance, but only when it's needed

Have your maintenance team get alerts about an upcoming fault, the type of fault, and recommended next actions depending on the urgency of the fault.


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Monitor your hard-to-reach assets with Samotics

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Finally reduce downtime and energy waste on hard-to-reach assets with real-time condition monitoring. All from the safety of the motor control cabinet.