Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.


Collect raw water without the hassle

Remotely monitor your borehole pumps and other submerged assets in real-time and detect clogs from iron build-up.

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of developing faults typically detected up to 5 months before failure


typical annual ROI through more effective maintenance and greater uptime


typical energy waste reduction using SAM4's energy efficiency metrics

No safety or access roadblocks

Easily monitor submerged borehole pumps

Easily install the sensors inside the motor control cabinet to monitor the drivetrain of borehole pumps. Repair even the very remote machines before they break and decrease the need for asset redundancy.

Submerged borehole pump
SAM4 sensors safely installed in the motor control cabinet.
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Clean water pumping station

Failures detected up to 5 months in advance

Detect pump failures

SAM4 detects over 90% of developing electrical and mechanical faults up to 5 months before failure. Its accuracy goes up as its installed base grows.

Reduce manual inspections

Cut down on repetitive checks and scheduled maintenance

SAM4 removes the need to schedule inspections and maintenance “just in case”. Significantly cut back on the expensive costs of time-based maintenance of lifting these pumps.

Pump inspection by maintenance engineer

Product features

Real-time condition monitoring software
for clean water companies

Detect iron build-up blockages

Benefit from automated remote clogging detection

The majority of wells with borehole pumps contain iron. SAM4 is able to detect slow iron build-up .

Energy performance optimization

Improve pump operation with real-time performance data

Use SAM4’s real-time pump curve to correct a pump that’s operating outside of its best efficiency point to prevent days or weeks of silent cavitation, recirculation and other problems. Use historical data to permanently raise performance and energy efficiency.

Reduce energy waste by 10-15%

Cut machine energy waste and emissions

SAM4 includes full power quality and energy analysis for every asset type without the need for additional sensors. SAM4 electrical trends to help you permanently reduce your energy consumption.

Concrete advice to improve

Get insight updates from our support team

Get ongoing personal attention by our team of industry experts, data scientists and maintenance consultants with insight reports. You’ll also receive regular insight reports from our support team to help you make the most of all our features.

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Real-time AI-powered condition monitoring

Prevent unexpected costs with continuous drivetrain insights

SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how SAM4 can help secure your most valuable assets by preventing unexpected machine failure and reducing machine energy waste.