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Sewage pump blockage detection system

Detect blockages in your pumps as they form

Automatically detect sewage pump blockages to reduce the risk of pollution events with pump blockage detection technology.

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Looks familiar?

wet wipes stuck in sewer system

Your sewage pumps get stuck with blockages which leads to the risk of pollution events.

It's time we change that.


Your pumping station experiences a blockage
The blockage results in a motor or pump trip or failure
Continuous overloading can lead to motor burnout, requiring costly repairs or replacements.
The pump failure risks a pollution event
Pump blockages can lead to reduced flow capacity. When blocked pumps cannot handle incoming water, it may cause the sewer system to overflow. This can result in discharge of raw sewage into nearby water bodies such as rivers, streams or coastal areas.

With SAM4

Your pumping station experiences a blockage​
Your sewage pump gets blocked by items like household wipes, diapers, hygiene products, cotton swabs or other non-biodegradable materials.​​
SAM4 detects blockage in real-time
Get the full picture on when and where blockages start forming, in real-time.
You get alarmed
Get alerted when a blockage persists to block the pump, but also when a blockage solves itself.
You remove blockage
Have your maintenance team remove the blockage based on the alert, to prevent system overflows that may result in raw sewage discharges.
SAM4 confirms the success of your action
Get alerted when your maintenance team solves the blockage and identify if any structural damage was caused (eg. impeller wear).
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How it works

Detect blockages

Know exactly when blockages form

A developing suction line clog produces characteristic effects in two features: a drop in load and a rise in noise floor.

Monitor full pumping station

Benefit from full pumping station insights

SAM4 prioritizes the risk of functional failure by considering the status of other pumps in the pumping station when sending out alerts.

Timeline insights

Get insights on time and severity of pump blockages

See the level of severity of pump blockages and the exact time it occurs. Get alerted when a blockage doesn’t self-solve, but persists to block the pump.

Blockage cleared insights

Know when pump blockages are cleared in real-time

See when your maintenance crew clears the pump blockage in real-time and get alerted about when this happens.

Real-time AI-powered condition monitoring

Know when and where blockages form

SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how SAM4 can help secure your most valuable assets by automatically detecting blockages as they form.