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Early warning of failing heated godet roll prevents $90k in production loss

SAM4 Health detects motor overloading in a heated godet roll, enabling timely maintenance. This prevents downtime, saving $70,000 in lost production and $20,000 in maintenance costs.

SAM4 Health looks after heated godet rolls, preventing downtime and reducing costs

• Godet rolls are crucial in synthetic fiber production, ensuring yarn quality during heat treatment.

• SAM4 Health system detects issues in heated godet rolls, preventing unexpected failures and costly downtime.

• In one case, motor overloading was detected and quickly addressed through inspection and maintenance.

• Timely warning saved $70,000 in lost production and $20,000 in corrective maintenance costs.

Prevent unexpected failures with timely warnings

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SAM4 Health algorithms flagged amperage levels above the motor’s rated current, which is an indicator of motor overloading. The customer was immediately alerted via the SAM4 platform and by email.

Failing heated godet roll prevention analysis

The problem

Godet rolls whether heated, cooled or ambient are an essential component in the production of synthetic fibers. They ensure the quality of the yarn characteristics during the heat treatment process. In one particular case, the SAM4 Health system has been installed on several heated godet rolls at one of the manufacturer’s production lines. Since these rolls operate under extremely high temperature levels, it would be difficult to spot any developing issues through manual inspection or vibration measurements early enough to prevent failure. For that reason, manufacturers of high-performance fibers rely on SAM4 Health to provide insight into the rolls’ condition, so that they can resolve issues before they lead to unplanned downtime.

The solution

SAM4 Health detected that the motor was operating above its rated current value, which is an indicator of motor overloading. We advised the customer to inspect the motor for signs of overheating and check the motor’s insulation integrity. Within 30 minutes after receiving the alert, the customer inspected the motor and adjusted the tension on the roll. After maintenance was performed, SAM4 Health confirmed that the roll’s motor current returned to healthy levels.

The result

This timely warning made it possible to inspect the asset and adjust its operating parameters without having to shut it down, which would have caused downtime and loss of production time. The customer noted that if the asset failed during service this would have led to 12 hours of downtime, resulting in $70,000 of lost production and an additional $20,000 on corrective maintenance.

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