Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.

Condition monitoring for anolyte pumps: a case study

Read how SAM4 saved this chemical manufacturer 15 thousand euros by detecting cavitation-induced pump damage.

Failure mode

Over time, cavitation in this horizontal centrifugal pump weakened its mechanical seal.

How SAM4 helped

An increase in the current spectrum noise floor around the rotational frequency plus a drop in active power is indicative of cavitation. When our AI-driven detection system flagged a sustained cavitation situation, we alerted the customer to the likely presence of collateral damage. The customer inspected the pump and found that the mechanical seal was beginning to leak.


The customer was able to conduct a minor repair instead of replacing a badly damaged pump. They noted that this saved them €15k.

heatmap cavitation 45kw anolyte pump 1400w
The increased noise floor around the supply frequency is visible in this heat map at the moments when the pump was cavitating (circled in red).
45kw anolyte pump seal 1400w 1
The damaged mechanical seal.

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