Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.

Smart asset management using AI

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Bruno Augusto
Business Development Manager

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Learn how proactive asset management strategy with condition monitoring technology can help you reduce operational and maintenance spend, and enhance reliability and resilience of your clean water and wastewater infrastructure.

The effective management of maintenance costs is one of the key challenges in the operation of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants and network infrastructure. Apart from ensuring that pumps and other critical assets are available, maintenance and operations teams are also constantly firefighting unexpected failures due to aging and pump clogging that can lead to sewage spills.

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing how a proactive maintenance approach, supported by condition monitoring technology, can help you in addressing these and other challenges. By identifying developing failures early on, you can schedule timely interventions, preventing catastrophic and costly failures. This will enable you and your team to prioritize maintenance, plan replacements and repairs, and optimize staff scheduling.

Bruno Augusto
Business Development Manager

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