Learn how to build a business case for condition monitoring of your submersed pumps.


Stop unplanned downtime

Prevent unexpected machine failure and secure your most valuable assets by using real-time machine health alerts and performance insights.


typical annual ROI through more effective maintenance and greater uptime


of developing faults typically detected up to 5 months before failure


continuous online asset monitoring

Lack of real-time insights

Not knowing the status of your machines leads to business losses

You have no info about what’s happening with your machine in between maintenance stops. Reactive maintenance does not expose all drivetrain problems. It’s time to regain control and ensure continuous productivity by letting your machines run like they should be running.

Predictive maintenance

Get a clear picture of a machine's health status powered by predictive alerts

SAM4 Health failure mode recommendation
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Reduce both planned & unplanned downtime

Cut maintenance stops, prevent breakdowns, and save time by skipping unnecessary machine checks. Schedule vital repairs in advance with early warnings.

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Optimize maintenance & inventory planning

Prioritize maintenance, plan replacements, and optimize staff scheduling with early severity notifications. Minimize rework, emergencies, and parts shortages.

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Lower costs & extend asset life expectancy

Use AI analysis to pinpoint and tackle root causes, extending equipment life, improving efficiency, and cutting costs on repairs, energy, and replacements.


Real-time pump curve

Prevent pump failure and save costs with better pump performance

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SAM4 pump performance graph
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Work smarter, not harder​

Optimize equipment, reduce emergencies, save time, enhance safety, and boost job satisfaction by letting your staff apply their expertise more efficiently.​

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Use real data to make better decisions​

Empower operators with real-time feedback for immediate action results, while historic data forecasts long-term gains from improvements like new equipment and process redesign.​

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Cover more assets and failure modes​

Maximize monitoring efficiency with AI algorithms processing thousands of data points per second, alerting only to critical issues.​

Real-time AI-powered condition monitoring

Prevent unexpected machine failure with continuous drivetrain insights

SAM4 Health

SAM4 Health is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system with world-leading analytics.

See how real-time, AI-based electrical signature analysis can help secure your most valuable assets by preventing unplanned downtime.