Learn how to build a business case for a successful CBM strategy to ensure a good return on investment.


Reduce energy waste

Get all of your machines’ most important energy insights displayed in one clear and easy-to-use overview, with actionable advice on how to run them more efficiently.

Use your existing data

Combine our advanced analytics with your existing data

24/7 monitoring

Continuously monitor 100% of your energy flows

Get realistic ROI

Realize up to 300% ROI within three months

Real-time insights

Get the complete picture of your machine's energy usage to cut your energy waste

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SAM4 Energy saving potential overview
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Benchmark performance against industry standards

Understand what good looks like and how your machines and operations compare.

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Expose the key drivers of energy inefficiency

Learn exactly what’s causing your energy waste, from asset wear to process control.

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Identify & prioritize top energy-savings initiatives

Locate your opportunities to save and rank them by value and business context.

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Real-time pump curve

Rerate your pumps with real-time insights to increase pump efficiency

SAM4 pump performance dashboard
SAM4 pump performance graph
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Make changes to start saving energy right now

Get detailed process control advice based on your actual data to raise efficiency right away.

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Project the ROI from longer-term improvements

Use your actual data to create a solid business case for replacing or rerating assets.

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Track realized savings over time & across seasons

Compare improvement to your starting baseline and to industry standards.

Industrial energy management system

Lower your energy bill and emissions at the same time

SAM4 Energy

Reduce your energy bill with SAM4 Energy, the world’s first continuous monitoring system for industrial asset efficiency.

Get the complete picture of your machines’ energy usage to see where energy losses happen (and how to fix it.).