Aprenda a crear un caso de negocio para la monitorización del estado de sus bombas sumergidas.

Se evita el fallo del rodamiento en el motor que acciona el rodillo de la mesa de rotación crítica

Read how SAM4 caught motor bearing failure in a runout table roll 7 months in advance for this steel manufacturer.

Modo de fallo

Gradual degradation to a bearing in the motor driving the roll.

Cómo ayudó SAM4

An increase in intensity at the bearing cage (FTF) frequency and its harmonics caused SAM4 to flag the motor for closer observation. We alerted the customer to developing but non-urgent damage. Over the next 7 months we sent the customer regular status updates. When the rise in intensity eventually reached a level that warranted timely action, the customer replaced the motor and roll during a scheduled maintenance window, after which intensities returned to normal. No unplanned downtime was incurred, thanks to SAM4’s early alert.


“SAM4 has detected more than two dozen faults for us, so we know we can rely on the system to tell us when it’s time to act. Not too soon, not too late, but right when we need to.”

201102 case study fig 1 1400w
A gradual rise in intensity at the bearing cage frequency over the 7-month period of interest. The green arrow indicates where the client replaced the motor.

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