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Monitoring submerged or hard-to-reach assets in very remote places is hard

Accessing submerged pumps deep underground or spread out over large areas is a big challenge, leading to high maintenance costs. 

Lifting these pumps requires special equipment and skilled workers, causing significant downtime. The need for sensors that can operate underwater for long periods is met with high costs and technical hurdles, making real-time monitoring difficult.

The solution

Start monitoring the condition of your critical assets from the safety of the motor control cabinet

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With SAM4
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Start monitoring the condition of assets that are:

AMP8 & Samotics

How Samotics solves 3 problems within AMP8 themes


Pollution prevention

Prevent pollution with insights on blockages

Prevent blockages from causing backups and overflows with pump blockage detection technology.

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Pump inspection by maintenance engineer


Maintenance cost reduction

Reduce number of unnecessary trips to remote sites

Cut back on repetitive checks for maintenance “just in case” and reduce the frequency of time-based maintenance.


Energy cost reduction

Reduce your electricity bill with SAM4 Energy

Get all of your machines’ most important energy insights displayed in one clear and easy-to-use overview, with actionable advice on how to run them more efficiently.

Hydraulically rerating an existing booster pump station to reduce energy cost by E99k a year

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Let us help you get more out of your AMP8 investments

Start monitoring critical assets in hard-to-reach places with our condition monitoring solution SAM4.

Book a demo today to learn more about how Samotics helps you with solving problems within AMP8 themes.



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Book a demo today to learn more about how Samotics helps you in solving problems within AMP8 themes.